The love I think I need at the moment

Its not just anyone for any day but rather someone for someday , laughter and joy , beauty and essence , a person with stable roots , stands on her own even though I’m by her side .

Someone who deserves my time , a value of a sort . A angel not afraid to try , right or wrong we on our own .

Together I wanna shine as I imbrace you for what you are and not the goals I want to reach with you , is she gonna stand with me until the last stand ? walk with me in between files and piles of crowds down the ile , a goergous smile to brighten up my face everytime when together but is now the correct time for that or is it a story for later , judge me not as what prove might cause tension and as a lover , you might aswell be in war by yourself , impatient peace keeper

The good old days, conversations, relationship between mother n son, I ts done, not really done but distant with memory, all for glory, the moral, equatorial border, I plan to break with achievements,
Time came and went , if you remember follow, sky’s were brighter, no sorrow to swallow . memories cover a quarter of my mind. Pitcures of smiles we left on each others faces , love in the air , peace in our heart , no wounds , no cuts , only parts and roles played on a multi-life , captured by the streets but stuck to my foundational roots a different nigga under your booth, your roof, your rules, your faith, …..
Enjoying the day under the mid-day sun before dawn

15 thoughts on “The love I think I need at the moment

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  1. Your blog is inspiring. You have a phenomenal gift of words. When you put them together it’s like a kiss. Beautiful and breathtaking.

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  2. It’s a lovely piece of poetry. There are people whose presence in our lives is so important. The love, empathy, compassion, and support they give us is priceless. You say this so well in this poetic prose.


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